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Словосочетания со словом foot

catch flat-footed
Straightforward; forthright; direct; outright.
The governor issued a flat-footed denial of the accusation.
He came out flat-footed against the idea.
Not ready; not prepared; Usually used with catch.
The teacher's question caught Tim flat-footed.
Unexpected company at lunch time caught Mrs. Green flat-footed.
A policeman.
"What does Joe do for a living? - He's a flatfoot."
follow in one's footsteps
follow in one's tracks
To follow someone's example; follow someone exactly.
He followed in his father's footsteps and became a doctor.
foot in the door
get one's foot in the door
The first step toward getting or doing something; a start toward success; opening.
Don't let Jane get her foot in the door by joining the club or soon she'll want to be president.
foot the bill
To cover the expenses of; pay for something.
The bride's father footed two-thirds of the bill for hix daughter's wedding.
footloose and fancy-free
Free and free to do what one wants (said of unmarried men).
Ron is a merry bachelor and seems to enjoy greatly being footloose and fancy-free.
get off on the wrong foot
To make a bad start; begin with a mistake.
Peggy got off on the wrong foot with her new teacher; she chewed gum in class and the teacher didn't like it.
hand and foot
So that the hands and feet cannot be used. Used with bind or a synonym.
The robbers bound him hand and foot and left him on the floor.
So that no free action is possible. Used with bind or a synonym.
If Mr. Jones signs that paper, he will be bound hand and foot.