English Puzzle
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Фразеологизмы со словом find

Recrimination; nagging; criticism.
All of this constant faultfinding will only to lead to trouble between you and your wife.
finders keepers
finders keepers, losers weepers
Those who find lost things can keep them. Used usually by children to claim the right to keep something they have found.
I don't have to give it back; it's finders keepers.
Finders keepers, losers weepers! It's my knife now!
find fault
To find something wrong; complain; criticize.
She tries to please him, but he always finds fault.
They found fault with every box I made.
It is very easy to find fault with the work of others, but more difficult to accept criticism of one's own work.
Mrs. Johnson is always finding fault with her children, but they really try to please their mother.
find it in one's heart
To be able or willing because of your nature.
He could not find it in his heart to tell her about her mother's death.
Can you find it in your heart to forgive me?
He could never find it in his heart to be mean to a dog.
find one's tongue
find one's wings
find one's feet
To become able to use (some power of the body or mind.)
In the program for the parents, John was nervous and could not speak at first; then he found his tongue.
The young bird had just found its wings.
The baby was just beginning to find his feet.
The question surprised him, and it was a minute before he found his tongue.
find oneself
To find out what one is fitted for and succeed in that.
Mary tried several lines of work, but at last found herself as a teacher.
Sometimes young people move around a long time from job to job before they find themselves.
find one's bearings
get one's bearings
To know where one is or where one is headed.
"Without a compass," the sergeant warned the enlisted men, "you will never find your bearings in the desert."
find out
To learn or discover (something you did not know before.)
One morning the baby found out for the first time that she could walk.
I don't know how this car works, but I'll soon find out.
He watched the birds to find out where they go.
Mary was angry when Jane found out her secret.
To get facts; to get facts about.
He wrote to find out about a job in Alaska.
She found out how much the house would cost.
Will you please try to find out what time the airplane arrives?
I'll call right now to find it out.
To discover (someone) doing wrong; catch.
Some children are bad when no one is watching them, but they are usually found out.
The boy knew that if he cheated on the test the teacher would find him out.