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Словосочетания со словом feet

at one's feet
Under your influence or power.
She had a dozen men at her feet.
Her voice kept audiences at her feet for years.
be back on one's feet
get back on one's feet
To once again become financially solvent; regain one's former status and income, or health.
Снова на ногах; снова стать платежеспособным; восстановить прежнюю форму, статус или здоровье; оправиться от какой-либо беды или несчастья.
Max got back on his feet soon after his open heart surgery. Tom's business was ruined due to the inflation, but he got back on his feet again.
My mother is back on her feet after being sick for two weeks.
Моя мама снова на ногах после двухнедельной болезни.
Our teacher was back on her feet shortly after the car accident.
Наша учительница была снова на ногах вскоре после аварии.
cold feet
get cold feet
A loss of courage or nerve; a failure or loss of confidence in yourself.
Испугаться, быть взволнованным, не решаться что-то сделать.
Ralph was going to ask Mary to dance with him but he got cold feet and didn't.
I feel your boyfriend got cold feet about being in a committed relationship.
Я чувствую, твой приятель боится оформлять ваши отношения в виде брака.
Karl was supposed to marry Elaine this weekend, but at the last moment he got cold feet.
Only one of the rock climbers got cold feet when the group reached the base of the hundred-meter cliff.
dead on one's feet
Very tired but still standing or walking; too tired to do more; exhausted.
Jimmy never leaves a job unfinished. He continues to work even when he's dead on his feet.
After the soldiers march all night, they are dead on their feet.
drag one's feet
drag one's heels
To act slowly or reluctantly.
The children wanted to watch television, and dragged their feet when their mother told them to go to bed.
The city employees said the mayor had promised to raise their pay, but was now dragging his feet.
feet of clay
A hidden fault or weakness in a person which is discovered or shown.
The famous general showed he had feet of clay when he began to drink liquor.
The banker seemed to be honest, but he had feet of clay and was arrested for stealing.
feet on the ground
get one's feet on the ground
keep one's feet on the ground
have one's feet planted firmly in the ground
An understanding of what can be done; sensible ideas. Used with a possessive.
John has his feet on the ground; he knows he cannot learn everything at once.
Ted dreams of sudden riches, but Henry keeps his feet on the ground and expects to work for his money.
Mrs. Smith was a dreamer, but her husband was a man with his feet on the ground.
Contrast:in the clouds
find one's tongue
find one's wings
find one's feet
To become able to use (some power of the body or mind.)
In the program for the parents, John was nervous and could not speak at first; then he found his tongue.
The young bird had just found its wings.
The baby was just beginning to find his feet.
The question surprised him, and it was a minute before he found his tongue.