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Фразеологизмы со словом fat

Father Christmas
The joyful spirit of Christmas; Santa Claus.
English children look forward to the visit of Father Christmas.
Father's Day
The third Sunday in June set aside especially to honor fathers whether living or dead.
The children gave nice presents to their father on Father's Day.
act of God
the fickle finger of fate
An occurrence (usually some sort of catastrophe) for which the people affected are not responsible; said of earthquakes, floods, etc.
Происшествие, за которое люди не несут ответственности, например землетрясение или наводнение.
Hurricane Andrew destroyed many houses in Florida, but some types of insurance did not compensate the victims, claiming that the hurricane was an act of God.
Despite all Acts of God, we continue to destroy our planet.
Несмотря на все стихийные бедствия, мы продолжаем разрушать нашу планету.
chew the fat
chew the rag
To talk together in an idle, friendly fashion; chat.
We used to meet after work, and chew the fat over coffee and doughnuts.
The old man would chew the rag for hours with anyone who would join him.
fat cat
Дословно: жирная кошка.
О ком-то, кто очень богат и при том жадный.
He is a fat cat.
Он очень богатый и жадный.
fat chance
Little or no possibility; almost no chance.
A high school team would have a fat chance of beating a strong college team.
Jane is pretty and popular; you will have a fat chance of getting a date with her.
ghost of a
fat city
A state of contentment due to wealth and position.
Bully for the Smiths; they have arrived in Fat City.
fat is in the fire
Something has happened that will cause trouble or make a bad situation worse.
He found out you took it? Well, the fat's in the fire now.