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Фразеологизмы со словом end

a friend in need is a friend indeed
A genuine friend on whom one can always depend. A proverb; often shortened to a friend in need...
Друг познается в беде.
When John's house burned down, his neighbor Jim helped him and his family with shelter, food and clothing. John said, "Jim, a friend in need is a friend indeed - this describes you."
Когда дом Джона сгорел, его сосед Джим помог ему и его семье, дав им крышу над головой, еду и одежду. Джон сказал: "Джим, друг познается в беде – эта фраза описывает тебя".
play both ends
Играть на противоположных интересах.
He is trying to play both ends against the centre.
Он пытается играть на противоположных интересах.
at loose ends
Without a regular job or settled habits; uncertain what to do next; having nothing to do for a while; undecided; unsettled; restless.
Feeling at loose ends, I went for a long walk.
He had finished college but hadn't found a job yet, so he was at loose ends.
at one's wit's end
at wits end
Having no ideas as to how to meet a difficulty or solve a problem; feeling puzzled after having used up all of your ideas or resources; not knowing what to do; puzzled.
He had approached every friend and acquaintance for help in vain, and now he was at his wit's end.
The designer was at his wit's end: he had tried out wings of many different kinds but none would fly.
bend over backward
lean over backward
To try so hard to avoid a mistake that you make the opposite mistake instead; do the opposite of something that you know you should not do; do too much to avoid doing the wrong thing; also, make a great effort; try very hard.
Instead of punishing the boys for breaking a new rule, the principal bent over backward to explain why the rule was important.
Mary was afraid the girls at her new school would be stuck up, but they leaned over backward to make her feel at home.
bosom friend
A very close friend; an old buddy with whom one has a confidential relationship.
Очень близкий друг; друг, с которым человек состоит в очень близких доверительных отношениях.
Sue and Jane have been bosom friends since their college days.
Сью и Джейн – близкие друзья со времен университета.
A male friend or companion.
"John and his boyfriends have gone to the ball game," said his mother.
A girl's steady date, a woman's favorite man friend; a male lover or sweetheart.
Jane's new boyfriend is a senior in high school.
burn the candle at both ends
To work or play too hard without enough rest; get too tired.
He worked hard every day as a lawyer and went to parties and dances every night; he was burning the candle at both ends.