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Фразеологизмы со словами: dog

my dogs are barking
Когда кто-то говорит это, он подразумевает, что у него болят ноги.
I've been shopping all day. My dogs are barking.
Я весь день ходила по магазинам. Ноги заболели.
dog days
The hottest days of the year in the Northern Hemisphere (July and August).
The ancient Romans associated this time with the "Dog Star" - Sirius - which becomes visible in the heavens at this time of year.
"The dog days are upon us," John said. "It's time to go swimming in the lake."
dog eat dog
A way of living in which every person tries to get what he wants for himself no matter how badly or cruelly he must treat others to get it; readiness to do anything to get what you want.
Образ жизни при котором каждый человек любыми средствами пытается получить то, чего он хочет; готовность совершить любое деяние для достижения своей цели.
In some early frontier towns it was dog-eat-dog.
- I’m upset that my colleague got the promotion before me.
-Well, It’s a dog eat god world. You can’t do anything with it.
-Я очень расстроен, что мой коллега получил продвижение раньше меня. -Что ж, мир сложная штука.
During the California gold rush, men had a dog-eat-dog life.
sick as a dog
Дословно: болен как собака.
Очень сильно заболеть.
Grandpa is in the hospital. He is sick as a dog.
Дедушка в больнице. Он очень сильно болен.
dog in the manger
A person who is unwilling to let another use what he himself has no use for.
Although Valerie lives alone in that big house, she is like a dog in the manger when it comes to letting someone sharing it with her.
dog one's steps
To follow someone closely.
All the time he was in Havana, Castro's police were dogging his steps.
dog's age
coon's age
A very long time. Usually used after for or in with a negative.
Charlie Brown! I haven't seen you for a coon's age.
Father hasn't had a night out with the boys in a dog's age.
I waited for him for a dog's age, but he didn't come.
dog's life
A life of misery, poverty, and unhappiness.
Жить в несчастьи или бедности; неприятная жизненная ситуация.
Diogenes, the Greek philosopher, lived a dog's life inside an empty barrel.
I have got fired from my job today. It’s a dog’s life.
Меня сегодня уволили. Жизнь очень сложная.