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Словосочетания со словом devil

between a rock and a hard place
between the devil and the deep blue sea
Between two dangers or difficulties, not knowing what to do.
Между двух опасностей или трудностей, в состоянии когда неизвестно что предпринять.
The pirates had to fight and be killed or give up and be hanged; they were between the devil and the deep blue sea.
I couldn't make up my mind. I was caught between a rock and a hard place.
Я не мог ничего решить. Я угодил между молотом и наковальней.
The boy was between a rock and a hard place; he had to go home and be whipped or stay in town all night and be picked up by the police.
Мальчик находился между двух огней – он должен был либо пойти домой и быть выпоротым, либо остаться в городе на всю ночь и быть пойманным полицией.
I’m between a rock and a hard place with management. They are determined to jettison a lot of hard-working employees.
devil of it
heck of it
The worst or most unlucky thing about a trouble or accident; the part that is most regrettable.
Andy lost his notebook, and the devil of it was that the notebook contained all his homework for the coming week.
When I had a flat tire, the devil of it was that my spare tire was flat too.
Fun from doing mischief. Used after "for".
The boys carried away Miss White's front gate just for the devil of it.
devil to pay
Great trouble. Used after the. A severe penalty.
There'll be the devil to pay when the teacher finds out who broke the window.
When Jim wrecked his father's car, there was the devil to pay.
If we don't finish the work by next Monday, there will be the devil to pay.
devil-may-care attitude
An attitude of no concern for financial or other loss.
"Easy come, easy go," John said in a devil-may-care attitude when he lost all of his money during a poker game.
Not caring what happens; unworried.
Johnny has a devil-may-care feeling about his school work.
Alfred was a devil-may-care youth but became more serious as he grew older.
for the devil
the heck of it
the hell of it
For no specific reason; just for sport and fun.
We poured salt into Uncle Tom's coffee, just for the heck of it.
See also:devil of it
full of the Old Nick
full of the devil
full of it
Always making trouble; naughty; bad.
That boy is full of the Old Nick.
give the devil his due
To be fair, even to someone who is bad; tell the truth about a person even though you don't like him.
I don't like Mr. Jones, but to give the devil his due, I must admit that he is a good teacher.