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Словосочетания со словом deep

between a rock and a hard place
between the devil and the deep blue sea
Between two dangers or difficulties, not knowing what to do.
Между двух опасностей или трудностей, в состоянии когда неизвестно что предпринять.
The pirates had to fight and be killed or give up and be hanged; they were between the devil and the deep blue sea.
I couldn't make up my mind. I was caught between a rock and a hard place.
Я не мог ничего решить. Я угодил между молотом и наковальней.
The boy was between a rock and a hard place; he had to go home and be whipped or stay in town all night and be picked up by the police.
Мальчик находился между двух огней – он должен был либо пойти домой и быть выпоротым, либо остаться в городе на всю ночь и быть пойманным полицией.
I’m between a rock and a hard place with management. They are determined to jettison a lot of hard-working employees.
deep water
in deep water
Serious trouble or difficulty.
When Dad tried to take Mom's place for a day, he found himself in deep water.
To throw away; dispose of. (An expression originally used by sailors, suggesting throwing something into water six fathoms deep.)
As the police boat came near, the drug smugglers deep-sixed their cargo.
go off the deep end
go overboard
To act excitedly and without careful thinking.
John has gone off the deep end about owning a motorcycle.
Mike warned his roommate not to go off the deep end and get married.
Some girls go overboard for handsome movie and television actors.
Just because you had a serious argument with your supervisor, you didn’t have to go off the deep end and resign, did you?
When Dan’s wife demanded a divorce, he went off the deep end again. This time he was shouting so that the whole neighborhood could hear.
in deep
Seriously mixed up in something, especially trouble.
George began borrowing small sums of money to bet on horses, and before he knew it he was in deep.
Very much; deeply; having a big part in.
Johnny was knee-deep in trouble.
Very busy; working hard at.
We were neck-deep in homework before the exams.
Getting or having many or much.
The television station was knee-deep in phone calls.
Only on the surface; not having any deep or honest meaning; not really or closely connected with what it seems to belong to.
Поверхностный, неглубокий.
Mary's friendliness with Joan is only skin-deep.
Ralph crammed for the test and got a good grade, but his knowledge of the lesson is only skin-deep.
He had a skin-deep knowledge about this issue.
У него были поверхностные знания по этому вопросу.
still waters run deep
Quiet people probably are profound thinkers. A proverb.
Спокойные люди вероятно более глубоко мыслят. (Пословица)
He doesn't say much, but he sure looks smart. Well, still waters run deep, isn't that true?
Get the impression that Nathan is not very smart. He never says anything.
Don't be so sure. Still waters run deep, you know.
Мне кажется, Натан не очень умен. Он никогда ничего не говорит.
Не будь так в этом уверен. В тихом омуте черти водятся, знаешь ли.