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Словосочетания со словом cut

Definite; well defined; clearly stated; apparent.
The president's new policy of aggressive action is a clear-cut departure from his old methods of unilateral appeasement.
The president's message was clear-cut: the company had to reduce personnel immediately.
Professor Larsen is well known for his interesting and clear-cut presentations.
crew cut
crew haircut
A boy's or man's hair style, cut so that the hair stands up in short, stiff bristle.
Many boys like to get crew cuts during the summer to keep cooler.
cut a class
To be truant; to deliberately miss a class and do something else instead.
Быть прогульщиком; намеренно пропускать занятия и заниматься чем-то вместо них.
"If you keep cutting classes the way you do, you will almost surely flunk this course," John's professor said to him.
Kate cut the class because she did not do homework.
Катя прогуляла урок, потому что она не сделала домашнее задание.
cut a figure
cut a fine figure
To make a favorable impression; carry off an activity with dignity and grace.
Производить хорошее впечатление; хорошо выглядеть.
With his handsome face and sporty figure, Harry cuts quite a figure with all the ladies.
Alec cut a fine figure when he went to the job interview last week.
Алик хорошо выглядел, когда пошел на собеседование на прошлой неделе.
cut across
To cross or go through instead of going around; go a short way.
Идти напрямую; напролом.
John didn't want to walk to the corner and turn, so he cut across the yard to the next street.
I decided to cut across the field.
Я решил пройти на прямую через поле.
To go beyond to include; stretch over to act on; affect.
The love for reading cuts across all classes of people, rich and poor.
cut and dried
open and shut
Decided or expected beforehand; following the same old line; doing the usual thing; boring.
The decision of the judge was cut-and-dried.
The ways of the king's court were cut-and-dried.
People at the convention heard many cut-and-dried speeches.
The results of the national election were rather cut and dried; the Republicans won easily.
A job on a factory assembly line is certainly cut and dried.
cut and run
To abandon an unfavorable situation.
When the price of coffee dropped sharply many investors wanted to cut and run.
cut a swathe
cut a wide swath
To mow a path through a field.
The farmer cut a swathe through the high grass with his scythe.
To cut down as if by mowing.
The machine gun cut a swathe in the lines of enemy soldiers.
To attract notice; make an impression; seem important.
Выставлять напоказ; пускать пыль в глаза; создавать ажиотаж, шумиху.
The movie star cut a wide swathe when he walked down the street.
John tries to show off and cut a big swathe with the girls.
This actress cut a wide swath at once when she appeared on the screen for the first time.
Актриса привлекла к себе внимание сразу после выхода фильма на экраны.