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Словосочетания со словом cry

ask for the moon
cry for the moon
To want something that you cannot reach or have; try for the impossible.
John asked his mother for a hundred dollars today. He's always asking for the moon.
cry before one is hurt
holler before one is hurt
don't cry before you're hurt
To complain when there is no reason for it; become upset because you are worried or afraid. Used in negative sentences.
When Billy went to the barber, he began to cry before the barber cut his hair and his father told him not to cry before he was hurt.
Often used as a proverb.
John was worried because he would soon have a new boss. His mother said, "Don't cry before you're hurt!"
cry bloody murder
scream bloody murder
To bitterly and loudly complain against an indignity.
Pete cried bloody murder when he found out that he didn't get the promotion he was hoping for.
To yell or protest as strongly as one can.
When the thief grabbed her purse, the woman screamed bloody murder.
When the city doubled property taxes, home owners screamed bloody murder.
cry buckets
To shed an excessive amount of tears.
Grandma is crying buckets over the loss of our cat.
cry for
cry out for
To need badly; be lacking in.
It has not rained for two weeks and the garden is crying for it.
The school is crying out for good teachers.
cry out
To call out loudly; shout; scream.
The woman in the water cried out "Help!"
To complain loudly; protest strongly. Used with against.
Many people are crying out against the new rule.
cry over spilled milk
cry over spilt milk
no use crying over spilled milk
no use crying over spilt milk
To cry or complain about something that has already happened; be unhappy about something that cannot be helped.
After the baby tore up Sue's picture book, Sue's mother told her there was no use crying over spilled milk.
You have lost the game but don't cry over spilt milk.
cry wolf
To give a false alarm; warn of a danger that you know is not there.
(From an old story about a shepherd boy who falsely claimed a wolf was killing his sheep, just to start some excitement.)
Давать ложный сигал тревоги; предупреждать об опасности, которой, вы знаете, нет.
The general said that the candidate was just crying wolf when he said that the army was too weak to fight for the country.
There's Mary screaming again! Does she really have a problem or is she just crying wolf again?
Мэри снова кричит! У нее что-то случилось или она опять зовет на помощь без надобности?