English Puzzle
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Фразеологизмы со словами come off

come off it
get off it
Stop pretending; bragging, or kidding; stop being silly. Used as a command.
"So I said to the duchess..." Jimmy began. "Oh, come off it," the other boys sneered.
Fritz said he had a car of his own. "Oh, come off it," said John. "You can't even drive."
come off second best
To not win first but only second, third, etc. place.
Our home team came off second best against the visitors.
Sue complains that she always comes off second best when she has a disagreement with her husband.
come off with flying colors
through with flying colors
To succeed; triumph.
John came off with flying colors in his final exams at college.
come off
To take place; happen.
The picnic came off at last, after being twice postponed.
To do well; succeed.
The attempt to bring the quarreling couple together again came off, to people's astonishment.
To be perceived or judged as.
Some people come off quite differently than they really are.