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Фразеологизмы со словом cash

cash cow
"Дойная корова"; что-то что приносит регулярный доход.
His latest invention turned out to be a real cash cow.
Его последнее изобретение стало очень прибыльным.
cash crop
A crop grown to be sold.
Cotton is a cash crop in the South.
They raise potatoes to eat, but tobacco is their cash crop.
cash in on
To see (a chance) and profit by it; take advantage of (an opportunity or happening).
Mr. Brown cashed in on people's great interest in camping and sold three hundred tents.
cash in one's chips
To die.
When the outlaw cashed in his chips, he was buried with his boots on.
He was shot through the body and knew he was going to cash in.
cash in
To exchange (as poker chips or bonds) for the value in money.
He paid the bill by cashing in some bonds.
When the card game ended, the players cashed in their chips and went home.
To die.
He was shot through the body and knew he was going to cash in.
cash on the barrelhead
Money paid at once; money paid when something is bought.
Father paid cash on the barrelhead for a new car.
Some lawyers want cash on the barrelhead.
Compare:cold cash
Selling things for cash money only and letting the customer carry them home, not having the store deliver them; also sold in this way.
Продажа товаров за наличный расчёт без доставки на дом.
This is a cash-and-carry store only.
You can save money at a cash-and-carry sale.
We were able to get a good price on a sofa in a cash-and-carry deal at the furniture store.
Нам удалось сговориться о приемлемой цене на диван в сделке за наличный расчет и без доставки в мебельном магазине.
With no credit, no time payments, and no deliveries.
Some stores sell cash-and-carry only.
It is cheaper to buy cash-and-carry.
cold cash
hard cash
Money that is paid at the time of purchase; real money; silver and bills.
Наличные; реальные деньги в кошельке; монеты и купюры.
Mr. Jones bought a new car and paid cold cash for it.
Some stores sell things only for cold cash.
I don’t have a card, so I paid for everything in hard cash.
У меня нет кредитки, поэтому я за все плачу наличными.