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Словосочетания со словом carr

carriage trade
Rich or upper class people.
The hotel is so expensive that only the carriage trade stays there.
The carriage trade buys its clothes at the best stores.
carrot and stick
The promise of reward and threat of punishment, both at the same time.
Кнут и пряник.
John's father used the carrot and stick when he talked about his low grades.
The best method of upbringing is carrot and stick.
Самый лучший метод воспитания – кнут и пряник.
carry a torch
carry the torch
To show great and unchanging loyalty to a cause or a person.
Although the others gave up fighting for their rights, John continued to carry the torch.
To be in love, usually without success or return.
He is carrying a torch for Anna, even though she is in love with someone else.
carry a tune
To sing the right notes without catching any false ones.
Al is a wonderful fellow, but he sure can't carry a tune and his singing is a pain to listen to.
carry away
get carried away with
be carried away by
be carried away with
To cause very strong feeling; excite or delight to the loss of cool judgment.
The music carried her away.
He let his anger carry him away.
Often used in the passive.
She was carried away by the man's charm.
He was carried away by the sight of the flag.
Paula and Leanne were carried away by the sad movie that they saw together.
James got carried away with anger when his roommate crashed his new car into a telephone pole.
carry coals to Newcastle
To do something unnecessary; bring or furnish something of which there is plenty.
Newcastle is an English city near many coal mines, and coal is sent out from there to other places.
The man who waters his grass after a good rain is carrying coals to Newcastle.
Joe was carrying coals to Newcastle when he told the doctor how to cure a cold.
carrying charge
An extra cost added to the price of something bought on weekly or monthly payments.
The price of the bicycle was $50. Jim bought it for $5.00 a month for ten months plus a carrying charge of $1 a month.
carry off
To cause death of; kill.
Years ago smallpox carried off hundreds of Indians of the Sioux tribe.
To succeed in winning.
Bob carried off honors in science.
Jim carried off two gold medals in the track meet.
To succeed somewhat unexpectedly in.
The spy planned to deceive the enemy soldiers and carried it off very well.
In the class play, Lloyd carried off his part surprisingly well.