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Словосочетания со словом cake

a slice of the cake
Часть, доля чего-либо, как правило денег.
The government wants a slice of the cake from the new casinos.
Правительство хочет иметь долю от новых казино.
as easy as apple pie
easy as pie
as easy as ABC
piece of cake
дословно: просто, как АБВ; просто, как яблочный пирог
Дело, поручение, которое легко выполнить - раз плюнуть.
Что-то очень легкое, простое - "проще пареной репы".
The test that I wrote yesterday was as easy as apple pie.
Тест, который я писал вчера, был проще пареной репы.
Learning how to use a computer is as easy as ABC for the children.
Научиться использовать компьютер для детей проще пареной репы.
The exam that I passed yesterday was as easy as apple pie.
Экзамен, который я сдал вчера, был проще пареной репы.
Loving somebody is not as easy as pie, because often you have to keep your feelings inside, and that can be so hard!
Непросто любить кого-то, потому что часто приходится скрывать свои чувства, а это так тяжело!
The final exam was a piece of cake.
Последний экзамен был очень легким.
The job was a piece of cake. I finished before lunch.
Эта работа была раз плюнуть. Я закончил еще до обеда.
A showing of the legs of an attractive woman or a display of her breasts as in certain magazines known as cheesecake magazines.
Photographer to model: "Give us some cheesecake in that pose!"
eat one's cake and have it too
To use or spend something and still keep it; have both when you must choose one of two things. Often used in negative sentences.
Необходимость выбрать какой-либо из двух вариантов, часто используется в отрицательных предложениях.
Roger can't make up his mind whether to go to college or get a job. You can't eat your cake and have it too.
Mary wants to buy a beautiful dress she saw at the store, but she also wants to save her birthday money for camp. She wants to eat her cake and have it too.
"You cannot eat your cake and have it too", said my boss when I told him I want to have more holidays and more responsibility at work.
"Один пирог два раза не съешь", сказал мой начальник, когда я рассказал ему, что хочу больше выходных и больше обязанностей на работе.
flat as a pancake
Very level; very flat; having no mountains or hills.
A great part of the American Midwest is as flat as a pancake.
have one's cake and eat it too
To enjoy two opposite advantages.
You can either spend your money going to Europe or save it for a down payment on a house, but you can't do both. That would be having your cake and eating it too.
icing on the cake
дословно: глазурь на торте
Что-то, что делает хорошую ситуацию или положение еще лучше.
I found a good job and the fact that I can work where I want is the icing on the cake.
Я нашел хорошую работу и то, что я могу работать там, где хочу, делает ситуацию еще лучше.
nutty as a fruitcake
Very crazy; entirely mad.
He looked all right, as we watched him approach, but when he began to talk, we saw that he was as nutty as a fruitcake.