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Словосочетания со словом breath

down one's neck
breathe down one's neck
To follow closely; threaten from behind; watch every action.
Следовать по пятам; угрожать из-за спины, сзади; пристально следить.
Too many creditors were breathing down his neck.
The carpenter didn't like to work for Mr. Jones, who was always breathing down his neck.
The atmosphere at work isn't great; the boss keeps breathing down our necks all the time.
У нас на работе не самая лучшая атмосфера, начальство постоянно за нами следит.
breathe easily
breathe freely
To have relief from difficulty or worry; relax; feel that trouble is gone; stop worrying.
Now that the big bills were paid, he breathed more easily.
His mother didn't breathe easily until he got home that night.
breathe one's last
draw one's last breath
To die.
The wounded soldier fell back on the ground and breathed his last.
He drew his last breath yesterday.
Он умер вчера.
catch one's breath
To breathe in suddenly with fear or surprise.
The beauty of the scene made him catch his breath.
To rest and get back your normal breathing, as after running.
After running to the bus stop, we sat down to catch our breath.
To relax for a moment after any work.
After the day's work we sat down over coffee to catch our breath.
draw a long breath
take a long breath
To breathe deeply when getting ready to speak or act.
Father asked who broke the window. Jim drew a long breath and admitted that he had done it.
The salesman took a long breath and started his talk.
hold one's breath
To stop breathing for a moment when you are excited or nervous.
The race was so close that everyone was holding his breath at the finish.
To endure great nervousness, anxiety, or excitement.
John held his breath for days before he got word that the college he chose had accepted him.
in the same breath
At the same time; without waiting.
John would complain about hard times, and in the same breath boast of his prize-winning horses.
Jane said Bill was selfish, but in the same breath she said she was sorry to see him leave.
In the same class; in as high a group. Usually used in the negative with mention, speak, or talk.
Mary is a good swimmer, but she should not be mentioned in the same breath with Joan.
out of breath
Not breathing easily or regularly; gasping; panting.
The fat man was out of breath after climbing the stairs.
The mile run left Bill out of breath.