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Словосочетания со словом boy

all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy
Too much hard work without time out for play or enjoyment is not good for anyone. A proverb.
Bill's mother told him to stop studying and to go out and play, because all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.
back-room boys
Мальчики из секретного отдела. Люди, которые выполняют важную работу, но не появляются на публике.
Back-room boys don't always receive the credit they deserve for their work.
Сотрудники, занятые секретной научно-исследовательской работой не всегда получают заслуженное признание.
blue-eyed boy
Любимчик – кто-то кто на хорошем счету у начальства, обычно такой человек получает привилегии.
He's the director's blue-eyed boy!
Он любимчик директора!
A male friend or companion.
"John and his boyfriends have gone to the ball game," said his mother.
A girl's steady date, a woman's favorite man friend; a male lover or sweetheart.
Jane's new boyfriend is a senior in high school.
Contrast:girl friend
boys in blue
The boys in blue came and arrested the robber.
Полицейские приехали и арестовали грабителя.
boys will be boys
Boys are only children and must sometimes get into mischief or trouble or behave too roughly.
Boys will be boys and make a lot of noise, so John's mother told him and his friends to play in the park instead of the back yard.
A person who drives his car carelessly and at too great a speed in order to show off his courage.
Joe's going to be arrested some day - he is a cowboy on the highway.
fair-haired boy
A person that gets special favors; favorite; pet.
Человек, который получает особое расположение кого-либо; любимчик.
If he wins the election by a large majority, he will become his party's fair-haired boy.
The local boy playing first base could do no wrong; he was the fair-haired boy of the fans.
Charles was a very good student and behaved very well; he became the teacher’s fair-haired boy.
Чарльз был очень хорошим учеником и вел себя очень хорошо. Он стал любимчиком учителя.