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Словосочетания со словом body

body blow
A great disappointment; a bitter failure.
When he failed to get on the team it came as a body blow to him.
body English
The wishful attempt to make a ball move in the right direction after it has been hit or let go, by twisting the body in the desired direction.
He tried to help the putt fall by using body English.
somebody won't bite
"Он не кусается"; о ком-то, кто ведет себя адекватно.
Go ahead and ask him if he’ll help you - he won’t bite.
Пойди и попроси его помочь - он не кусается.
go somebody one better
To do something better than (someone else); do more or better than; beat.
Bill's mother gave the boys in Bill's club hot dogs for refreshments, so Tom's mother said that she would go her one better next time by giving them hot dogs and ice cream.
John made a good dive into the water, but Bob went him one better by diving in backwards.
it is an ill wind that blows nobody good
No matter how bad a happening is, someone can usually gain something from it. A proverb.
Неважно как плохо идут дела, кто-то обычно получает выгоду из такой ситуации. Пословица.
When Fred got hurt in the game John got a chance to play. It's an ill wind that blows nobody good.
When Fred got hurt in the game John got a chance to play. It's an ill wind that blows no good.
Когда Фред получил травму во время игры, Джону представилась возможность сыграть (вместо него). Не бывает худа без добра.
keep body and soul together
To keep alive; survive.
Остаться в живых, выжить.
John was unemployed most of the year and hardly made enough money to keep body and soul together.
He was unemployed and homeless, but he somehow managed to keep body and soul together.
Он был безработным и бездомным, но каким-то образом сумел выжить.
nobody home
Your attention is somewhere else, not on what is being said or done here; you are absent-minded.
The teacher asked him a question three times but he still looked out the window. She gave up, saying, "Nobody home."
You are feeble-minded or insane.
He pointed to the woman, tapped his head, and said, "Nobody home."
nobody's fool
A smart person; a person who knows what he is doing; a person who can take care of himself.
In the classroom and on the football field, Henry was nobody's fool.