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Словосочетания со словом blue

beat the holiday blues
Прогнать праздничную хандру.
Jane always says that helping others is a great way to beat the holiday blues.
Джейн всегда говорит, что помощь другим - отличный способ прогнать праздничную хандру.
between a rock and a hard place
between the devil and the deep blue sea
Between two dangers or difficulties, not knowing what to do.
Между двух опасностей или трудностей, в состоянии когда неизвестно что предпринять.
The pirates had to fight and be killed or give up and be hanged; they were between the devil and the deep blue sea.
I couldn't make up my mind. I was caught between a rock and a hard place.
Я не мог ничего решить. Я угодил между молотом и наковальней.
The boy was between a rock and a hard place; he had to go home and be whipped or stay in town all night and be picked up by the police.
Мальчик находился между двух огней – он должен был либо пойти домой и быть выпоротым, либо остаться в городе на всю ночь и быть пойманным полицией.
I’m between a rock and a hard place with management. They are determined to jettison a lot of hard-working employees.
coming and goingin a bind
black and blue
Badly bruised.
В синяках, со следами ударов или ушибов.
Poor Jim was black and blue after he fell off the apple tree.
My shoulder was black and blue after I fell down the stairs.
Мое плечо было в синяках после того, как я свалился с лестницы.
blue Monday
A Monday when you have to work after a happy weekend.
It was blue Monday and John nodded sleepily over his books.
Housewives sometimes wish they could sleep through blue Monday.
blue around the gills
green around the gills
pale around the gills
yellow around the gills
pink around the gills
white around the gills
Pale-faced from fear or sickness; sickly; nauseated.
Also used with other prepositions besides around, as about, at, under, and with other colors, as blue, pink, yellow, white.
Иметь бледное лицо от страха или болезни; болезненный; тошнотворный.
Bill's father took him for a ride in his boat while the waves were rough, and when he came back he was green around the gills.
You should sit down. You look a bit blue around the gills.
Тебе следует присесть. Ты выглядишь неважно.
The car almost hit Mary crossing the street, and she was yellow around the gills because it came so close.
Машина чуть не сбила Мэри, когда она переходила улицу, и девушка побледнела от страха потому, что машина проехала так близко.
blue blood
Дословно: голубая кровь.
Аристократическое происхождение.
He’s got blue blood.
Он аристократического происхождения.
The art exhibition attracted many of the blue bloods in the town.
Художественная выставка в городе привлекла много людей аристократического происхождения.
blue collar worker
A manual laborer who is probably a labor union member.
Because Jack's father is a blue collar worker, Jack was so anxious to become an intellectual.
white collar worker
blue in the face
Very angry or upset; excited and very emotional.
Дословно: до посинения.
Быть очень сердитым; быть очень возбужденным и эмоциональным.
Tom argued with Bill until he was blue in the face.
Mary scolded Jane until she was blue in the face, but Jane kept on using Mary's paints.
I’ve been arguing with my friend for 5 hours until I was blue in my face.
Я спорил со своим другом 5 часов до посинения.