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Фразеологизмы со словами: bit

a bit
A small amount; some.
There's no sugar in the sugar bowl, but you may find a bit in the bag.
If the ball had hit the window a bit harder, it would have broken it.
Often used like an adverb.
This sweater scratches a bit.
Also used like an adjective before "less", "more".
Janet thought she could lose weight by eating a bit less.
"Have some more cake?" "Thanks. A bit more won't hurt me."
Often used adverbially after verbs in negative, interrogative, and conditional sentences, sometimes in the form "one bit".
"Won't your father be angry?" "No, he won't care a bit."
Helen feels like crying, but I'll be surprised if she shows it one bit.
Sometimes used with "little" for emphasis, also in the emphatic form "the least bit".
"Wasn't Bob even a little bit sorry he forgot his date?" "No, Bob wasn't the least bit sorry."
to love someone to bits
Быть очень влюбленным; любить каждую частичку своего (своей) избранника (избранницы).
You are my muse, I love you to bits.
Ты – моя муза, я люблю каждую частичку тебя.
bark worse than one's bite
Sound or speech more frightening or worse than your actions.
The small dog barks savagely, but his bark is worse than his bite.
The boss sometimes talks roughly to the men, but they know that his bark is worse than his bite.
She was always scolding her children, but they knew her bark was worse than her bite.
that bites the big one
Что-то, что сильно раздражает.
Damn, I can’t park there, it’s already occupied. That bites the big one.
Черт, я там не могу припарковаться, место уже занято. Это сильно раздражает.
bite off more than one can chew
To try to do more than you can; be too confident of your ability.
Попытаться сделать больше чем можешь; не рассчитать своих сил; взяться за непосильное дело.
He bit off more than he could chew when he agreed to edit the paper alone.
He started to repair his car himself, but realized that he had bitten off more than he could chew.
It’s a very difficult project and he may find he’s bitten off more than he can chew.
Это очень сложный проект, и он может обнаружить, что это дело ему не по плечу.
When I accepted the position of chairman, I didn’t realize how much I was biting off.
When James registered for 18 units in his last semester at college, he bit off more than he could chew.
bite one's head off
To answer someone in great anger; answer furiously.
I'm sorry to tell you that I lost my job, but that's no reason to bite my head off!
bite one's lips
bite one's tongue
To force oneself to remain silent and not to reveal one's feelings.
Заставить себя или кого-то не показывать свои чувства, оставаться молчаливым.
I had to bite my lips when I heard my boss give the wrong orders.
It was difficult for me not to react; I had to bite my tongue.
Для меня было трудно не среагировать, поэтому пришлось прикусить язык.
bite the dust
To be killed in battle.
Captain Jones discharged his gun and another guerrilla bit the dust.
To fall in defeat; go down before enemies; be overthrown; lose.
Потерпеть поражение; уступить сопернику или конкуренту.
Our team bit the dust today.
Andy did exceptionally well in all of the track events, but he bit the dust in the high jump competition. Much to the disappointment of his fans, he went down in defeat, losing to a competitor from the visiting team.
Энди побеждал практически во всех соревнованиях по бегу, но он потерпел поражение в соревнованиях по прыжкам в высоту. К большому разочарованию его фанатов он проиграл, уступив сопернику из команды гостей.