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Словосочетания со словом behind

behind bars
In jail; in prison.
He was a pickpocket and had spent many years behind bars.
That boy is always in trouble and will end up behind bars.
behind one's back
When one is absent; without one's knowledge or consent; in a dishonest way; secretly; sneakily.
Say it to his face, not behind his back.
It is not right to criticize a person behind his back.
Contrast:to one's face
behind the eight-ball
behind the eight ball
In a difficult position; in trouble.
В трудном положении; неприятности; в безвыходной ситуации.
Mr. Thompson is an older man, and when he lost his job, he found he was behind the eight-ball.
Мистер Томсон пожилой человек, когда он потерял свою работу, он оказался в затруднительном положении.
Bill can't dance and has no car, so he is behind the eight-ball with the girls.
I'm really behind the eight ball at work. I have too much work to do but we can't afford to hire anyone to help out.
Я в безвыходной ситуации на работе. У меня слишком много работы, а компания не может позволить себе нанять сотрудника в помощь.
behind the scenes
Out of sight; unknown to most people; privately.
Much of the banquet committee s work was done behind the scenes.
John was president of the club, but behind the scenes Lee told him what to do.
behind the times
Using things not in style; still following old ways; old-fashioned.
Johnson's store is behind the times.
The science books of 30 years ago are behind the times now.
Mary thinks her parents are behind the times because they still do the foxtrot and don't know any new dances.
behind time
Behind the correct time; slow.
That clock is behind time.
Behind schedule; late.
The train is running behind time today.
Not keeping up; not at the proper time; overdue.
Your lessons are good, but why are you behind time?
We are behind time in paying the rent.
dry behind the ears
Experienced; knowing how to do something. Usually used in the negative.
John had just started working for the company, and was not dry behind the ears yet.
fall behind
To go slower than others and be far behind them.
When the campers took a hike in the woods, two boys fell behind and got lost.
Frank's lessons were too hard for him, and he soon fell behind the rest of the class.
Mary was not promoted because she dreamed too much and fell behind in her lessons.
Eve fell behind in her studies and finally had to drop out of school.
Synonym:get behind