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Фразеологизмы со словом bad

a bad apple
Плохой человек, негодяй, подлец; "паршивая овца".
This girl is a bad apple so my advice to you, be really careful with her.
Эта девочка паршивая овечка, так что мой совет: будь с ней очень осторожен.
bad actor
A person or animal that is always fighting, quarreling, or doing bad things.
The boy was a bad actor and nobody liked him.
bad blood
Anger or misgivings due to bad relations in the past between individuals or groups.
Давнишняя вражда, ссора; неприязнь, плохие отношения.
There's a lot of bad blood between Max and Jack; I bet they'll never talk to each other again.
We have bad blood.
Мы давно недолюбливаем друг друга.
There was much bad blood between the three brothers.
Между тремя братьями было много неприязни.
Compare:bad shit
bad egg
A ne'er-do-well; good-for nothing; a habitual offender.
The judge sent the bad egg to prison at last.
Contrast:good egg
bad mouth (someone)
To say uncomplimentary or libelous things about someone; deliberately to damage another's reputation.
Говорить нелестные вещи о ком-нибудь; преднамеренно портить чью-либо репутацию; "поливать грязью".
It's not nice to bad mouth people.
The football player began to bad-mouth his coach.
Футболист начал чернить своего тренера.
bad news travels fast
Аналог: дурные вести не сидят на месте.
О ситуации, когда информация о чем-то плохом быстро распространилась.
Sara told me about your divorce. Bad news travels fast.
Сара рассказала мне о твоем разводе. Плохие вести не сидят на месте.
bad news
An event, thing, or person which is disagreeable or an unpleasant surprise.
What's the new professor like? - He's all bad news to me.
bad paper
A check for which there are no funds in the bank.
Sometimes he tried to fool his creditors with bad papers.
Counterfeit paper money.
Why are you so mad? - I was paid with some bad paper.