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Фразеологизмы со словами at ease

at ease
at one's ease
In comfort; without pain or bother.
You can't feel at ease with a toothache.
Comfortable in one's mind; relaxed, not troubled. Often used in the phrase put at ease or put at one's ease.
We put Mary at her ease during the thunderstorm by reading her stories.
Compare:at home
Standing with your right foot in place and without talking in military ranks.
The sergeant gave his men the command "At ease!"
Compare:parade rest
ill at ease
Not feeling at ease or comfortable; anxious; worried; unhappy.
Donald had never been to a big party before and he was ill at ease.
When Joe first went to dancing school, he was ill at ease, not knowing how to act.
Speaking in front of a large audience makes many people feel ill at ease.
My wife and I were ill at ease because our daughter was late coming home from a date.
Contrast:at ease