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Фразеологизмы со словом all

Tin Pan Alley
The pop music industry.
What kind of music will Tin Pan Alley come up with this year?
a snowball effect
Эффект снежного кома; лавинообразный эффект - cитуация, в которой что-либо бесконтрольно увеличивается в размере или значении.
The more successful you become the more publicity you get and that publicity generates sales. It's a sort of snowball effect.
Чем известнее ты становишься, тем больше внимания прессы ты получаешь, а это повышает продажи. Это как снежный ком.
above all
Of first or highest importance; most especially; mainly.
Children need many things, but above all they need love.
Above all, don’t mention the matter to Gerard; he’s the last person we should tell.
Sheila does well in all her school subjects, but above all in mathematics. Her math scores are always over 95 percent.
after all is said and done
Наконец, после всего.
After all is said and done, they have shown a very good performance.
Наконец, им показали очень хорошее представление.
after all
As a change in plans; anyway. Used with emphasis on "after".
В конце концов; в конечном счете.
Bob thought he couldn't go to the party because he had too much homework, but he went after all.
Mother doesn't need to help Phil get dressed. After all, he is a big boy.
Маме не нужно помогать Филиппу одеться. В конечном счете, он большой мальчик.
For a good reason that you should remember. Used with emphasis on all.
Why shouldn't Betsy eat the cake? After all, she baked it.
all along
All the time; during the whole time; from the beginning (without change).
Все время; в течении какого-то определенного времени.
I knew all along that we would win.
Jeremy has known about my problems all along.
Всё это время Джереми знал о моих проблемах.
She knew all along that we'd never agree with his plan.
You're smiling! Did you know all along that I'd give you a birthday present?
all around
Вокруг, кругом, везде.
I looked all around but I still can't find my keys.
Я посмотрел всё вокруг, но так и не могу найти ключи.
all at once
At the same time; together.
The teacher told the children to talk one at a time; if they all talked at once, she could not understand them.
Bill can play the piano, sing, and lead his orchestra all at once.
Without warning; abruptly; suddenly; unexpectedly.
All at once we heard a shot and the soldier fell to the ground.
All of a sudden the ship struck a rock.
All at once Millie got up and left the house without any explanation.
Compare:at once