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Словосочетания со словом thing

nothing doing
I will not do it; certainly not; no indeed; no.
"Will you lend me a dollar?" "Nothing doing!"
"Let's go for a boat ride!" "Nothing doing!"
Compare:no deal
nothing if not
Without doubt; certainly.
With its bright furnishings, flowers, and sunny windows, the new hospital dayroom is nothing if not cheerful.
nothing of the kind
On the contrary.
"Did you quit your job?" he asked. "No, I did nothing of the kind," she answered.
nothing short of
Absolutely; thoroughly; completely.
Olivier's performance in Hamlet was nothing short of magnificent.
nothing succeeds like success
Success in one thing makes success in other things easier; people like a successful person. A proverb.
The girls all like Bob because he is football captain. Nothing succeeds like success.
nothing to it
Presenting no serious challenge; easily accomplished.
Once you learn how to tread water, swimming is really easy; there is nothing to it.
one damn thing after another
If there is one problem, there will be more (pronounced owed-tay).
First I lost my wallet, then a kid broke the window, and, lastly, my car refused to start. It was just one damn thing after another!
over with
get something over with
At the end of; finished with; through with.
They were over with the meeting by ten o'clock.
By Saturday Mary will be over with the measles.
At an end; finished.
John knew his mother would scold him for losing the money, and he wanted to get it over with.
After the hard test, Jerry said, "I'm glad that's over with!"