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Фразеологизмы со словом back

pin one's ears back
To beat; defeat.
After winning three games in a row, the Reds had their ears pinned back by the Blues.
To scold.
Mrs. Smith pinned Mary's ears back for not doing her homework.
put one's back to it
put one's back into it
To make a real effort; to try.
Работать настолько сильно, насколько возможно.
You can finish the job by noon if you put your back to it.
I'm sure you can make the football team if you put your back to it.
Keep trying. Put your back into it.
Продолжай пытаться. Работай насколько есть силы.
quarterback sneak
A football play in which the quarterback takes the ball from the center and dives straight ahead in an attempt to gain a very short distance.
Johnson took the ball over on a quarterback sneak for a touchdown.
scratch one's back
To do something kind and helpful for someone or to flatter him in the hope that he will do something for you. Usually used in the expression You scratch my back and I'll scratch yours.
Mary asked Jean to introduce her to her brother. Jean said, "You scratch my back and I'll scratch yours."
set back on one's heels
knock back on one's heels
To give an unpleasant surprise; upset suddenly; stop or turn back (someone's) progress.
Jack brags too much and it set him back on his heels when the coach told him he wasn't as good a player as he thought he was.
Jean was doing very well in school until sickness knocked her back on her heels.
set back
To cause to put off or get behind schedule; slow up; check.
The cold weather set back the planting by two weeks.
To cause to pay out or to lose (a sum of money); cost.
His new car set him back over $3000.
A disadvantage; a delay.
We suffered a major setback when my wife lost her job.
sit back
To be built a distance away; stand away (as from a street).
Our house sits back from the road.
To relax; rest, often while others are working; take time out.
Sit back for a minute and think about what you have done.