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Фразеологизмы со словом ace

put one through one's paces
put through one's paces
To train and discipline someone; test one's abilities.
The new recruits were certainly put through their paces by the drill sergeant.
To test the different abilities and skills of a person or a thing; call for a show of what one can do.
He put his new car through its paces.
Many different problems put the new mayor through his paces in the first months of his term.
put oneself in another's place
put oneself in another's shoes
To understand another person's feeling imaginatively; try to know his feelings and reasons with understanding; enter into his trouble.
It seemed like a dreadful thing for Bob to do, but I tried to put myself in his place.
If you will put yourself in the customer's shoes you may realize why the thing isn't selling.
race against time
To be in a great hurry to finish a given project by a specified deadline.
The workers were racing against time to finish the campus modernization project.
race to stand still
racing to stand still
fight against time
To be so far behind in one's work that one must exert an effort similar to that needed to win a race in order simply not to fall even further behind.
"Could you review this book for us, Professor Brown?" the editor asked. "Unfortunately, no," the professor answered. "I'm so behind in my work that I am racing to stand still."
rat race
A very confusing, crowded, or disorderly rush; a confusing scramble, struggle, or way of living that does not seem to have a purpose.
The dance last night was a rat race. It was too noisy and crowded.
School can be a rat race if you don't keep up with your studies.
This job is a rat race. The faster you work, the faster the boss wants you to work.
save face
save one's face
To save your good reputation, popularity, or dignity when something has happened or may happen to hurt you; hide something that may cause you shame.
Спасти чью-либо репутацию; сохранить уважение.
The policeman was caught accepting a bribe; he tried to save face by claiming it was money owed to him.
Полицейский был пойман, когда брал взятку. Он пытался спасти свою репутацию, заявив, что ему отдавали долг.
Bill would not play in the game because he knew he could not do well and he wanted to save face.
The colonel who lost the battle saved face by showing his orders from the general.
She tried to save face in this situation.
Она постаралась сохранить уважение к себе в сложившейся ситуации.
Contrast:lose face
saving grace
A single good attribute; a redeeming quality.
Felicity is not very attractive but her intelligence and wit are her saving grace.
scratch the surface
To learn or understand very little about something. Usually used with a limiting adverb (as only, hardly).
We thought we understood Africa but when we made a trip there we found we had only scratched the surface.
High school students have only scratched the surface of their subjects, and even after college graduation, they still find there is much more to learn.