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Словосочетания со словом thing

make something of
To make (something) seem important.
When girls see another girl with a boy, they often try to make something of it.
To start a fight over; use as an excuse to start a quarrel.
Bob accidentally shoved Bill in the corridor, and Bill made something of it.
Ann didn't like what Mary said about her. She tried to make something of what Mary said.
make the best of things
Принимать ситуацию как она есть и делать все возможное, несмотря на трудности и неприятности.
The apartment was badly located, but the rent was low, so they decided to make the best of things.
Квартира находилась не в лучшем районе, но рента была низкой, поэтому они решили извлечь из ситуации всю возможную пользу.
next to nothing
Very little; almost nothing.
They gave me next to nothing for my old car when I traded it in for a new one.
When he first started to work, Mr. Black earned next to nothing.
not for all the coffee in Brazil
not for all the tea in China
not for anything in the world
not for love or money
not for love nor for money
not for the world
not for worlds
Not at any price; not for anything.
Ни за какие деньги, ни за что на свете, и т.д.
I wouldn't hurt his feelings for the world.
Not for worlds would he let his children go hungry.
No I won't do it - not for all the tea in China.
Нет, я не буду делать этого, – ни за какие коврижки.
I will not marry him not for love nor money.
Я не выйду за него ни за какие деньги.
not the thing
Not the accepted form of action; something socially improper.
It is simply not the thing to wear blue jeans to the opera.
not to know the first thing about
To be totally ignorant about a certain issue.
Al assured us that he didn't know the first thing about Mary's whereabouts.
not to mention
not to speak of
to say nothing of
Without ever needing to speak of; in addition to; besides. Used to add something to what you have said or explained.
Dave is handsome and smart not to mention being a good athlete.
They have three fine sons, not to speak of their two lovely daughters.
Sally takes singing and dancing lessons to say nothing of swimming and tennis lessons.
not to touch something with a ten-foot pole
To consider something completely undesirable or uninteresting.
Some people won't touch spinach with a ten-foot pole.
Kids who wouldn't touch an encyclopedia with a ten-foot pole love to find information with this computer program.