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Фразеологизмы со словом back

off one's back
Stopped from bothering one; removed as an annoyance or pest.
"Having a kid brother always following me is a nuisance," Mary told her mother. "Can't you get him off my back?"
The singer was so popular with teenagers that he took a secret vacation, to keep them off his back.
Contrast:on one's back
on ice
put on the back burner
The same as won; sure to be won.
The score was 20-10 in the last inning, and our team had the game on ice.
Away for safekeeping or later use; aside.
You will have to put your vacation plans on ice until your debts are paid.
The senator was voted out of office. He is on ice until the next election.
on one's back
Making insistent demands of you; being an annoyance or bother.
My wife has been on my back for weeks to fix the front door screen.
I can't get any work done with the children on my back from morning until night.
Jim could do a better job if his boss weren't on his back so often.
out back
In one's backyard.
On the Fourth of July they were out back making preparations for their holiday barbecue.
The remote and uncultivated wilderness areas of Australia or New Zealand, with very few inhabitants.
Mike and Barbara roughed it in the Australian outback for nearly two years.
Any remote, sparsely populated region.
Tom's old ranch in Texas is next to an arid outback.
pat on the back
To clap lightly on the back in support, encouragement, or praise.
The coach patted the player on the back and said a few encouraging words.
To make your support or encouragement for (someone) felt; praise.
After he won the game, everyone patted him on the back for days.
An encouraging tap of the hand on someone's back; a show of sympathy or support.
I gave her a pat on the back and told her she had done fine work.
A word or gesture of praise or other encouragement; applause.
Pats on the back weren't enough; he wanted hard cash.
pay one back in his own coin
To retaliate.
Jim refused to help Bob when he needed it most, so Bob decided to pay him back in his own coin and told him to go and look for help elsewhere.
Sitting or being carried on the shoulders.
Little John loved to go for a piggy-back ride on his father's shoulders.
When Mary sprained her ankle, John carried her piggy-back to the doctor.