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Фразеологизмы со словом ace

make faces at
To grimace; scowl.
"Stop making faces at each other, you children," my aunt said, "and start eating."
on the face of it
Apparently; as it seems.
On the face of it, Joe's claim that he can swim five miles is true.
His statement that he is a millionaire is, on the face of it, false.
out of place
Not in the right or usual place or position.
Harry fell and knocked one of his teeth out of place.
The teacher lined up the class and told them not to get out of place.
Compare:out of order
Contrast:in place
In the wrong place or at the wrong time; not suitable; improper.
Joan was the only girl who wore a formal at the party, and she felt out of place.
It was out of place for Russell to laugh at the old lady.
Contrast:in place
outer space
What is outside of the earth's air.
An astronaut cannot live without oxygen when he goes into outer space.
poker face
Лицо как при игре в покер. Лицо не выражающее эмоций.
Whenever Betty attended one of her children's performances, she managed to keep a poker face.
Когда бы Бетти ни посещала выступление одного их своих детей, ей всегда удавалось казаться бесстрастной.
put a new face on
To alter the aspect of something; change.
Mr. Merry man's announcement of his candidacy for governor puts an entirely new face on the political scene in our state.
put in one's place
To criticize someone for impolite boldness; remind someone of low rank or position; reduce someone's unsuitable pride; deflate.
The assistant was trying to take command when the professor put him in his place by saying, "No, I'm the boss here."
She was a teacher who could put a troublemaker in his place with just a glance.
put on a brave face
Встречаясь с трудностями выглядеть бодро и претворяться, что все не так уж плохо. Сохранять хорошую мину при плохой игре.
Even at the worst of times she put on a brave face.
Даже в самые тяжелые времена она сохраняет лицо.