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Словосочетания со словом self

shift for oneself
To live or act independently with no help, guidance or protection from others; take care of yourself.
Mrs. McCarthy was forced to shift for herself after her husband died.
spread oneself too thin
To try to do too many things at one time.
As the owner, chef, waiter, and dishwasher of his restaurant, Pierre was spreading himself too thin.
square oneself with
To apologize; re-establish friendship with; make amends.
"Mr. Alien is very angry with you for leaving the firm," Bob said. "It will take more than a few words and a drink to square yourself with him."
suit yourself
To do what one likes or prefers.
"I don't care where you want to sleep," he said. "Suit yourself!"
take on oneself
take upon oneself
To accept as a duty or responsibility.
He took it on himself to see that the packages were delivered.
To assume wrongfully or without permission as a right or privilege.
You should not have taken it upon yourself to accept the invitation for the whole family.
tear oneself away
To force oneself to leave; leave reluctantly.
The beaches in Hawaii are so lovely that I had to tear myself away from them in order to get back to my job in Chicago.
throw oneself at someone's feet
To make a public display of serving, loving, or worshipping someone.
When Arthur became king, almost all of the nobles threw themselves at his feet and promised to obey and serve him.
When the new girl entered school, several boys threw themselves at her feet.
throw oneself at someone's head
fling oneself at someone's head
To try hard and openly to make a person love you.
She threw herself at his head, but he was interested in another girl.