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Словосочетания со словом self

queer oneself
To act in such a manner as to offend others and thus one's own chances or position.
Phil has queered himself with many girls by his erratic behavior.
repeat oneself
To say the same thing over again, often in the same words; repeat ideas because you forget what you said or because you want to stress their importance.
Grandfather is forgetful and often repeats himself when he tells a story.
A teacher often has to repeat herself several times before her pupils remember what she tells them.
resign oneself
To stop arguing; accept something which cannot be changed.
When Jane's father explained that he could not afford to buy her a new bicycle, she finally resigned herself to riding the old one.
Compare:give up
Embarrassed; shy.
Edith has a freckled face and sometimes she is very self-conscious about it.
Having achieved wealth, fame, and success on one's own without outside help.
John D. Rockefeller is one of the most famous self-made men in America.
Confident; sure of one self.
Before he made his first million, he used to be shy, but afterwards he became very self-possessed.
Given to egotism and self-aggrandizement.
Al is the most self-seeking person I've ever met, he is not fun to be around.
sell oneself
Подавать себя в наиболее выгодном свете.
If you want to succeed in the world of business you have to know how to sell yourself to the customers.
Если ты хочешь преуспеть в мире бизнеса, ты должен знать, как подать себя в выгодном свете перед клиентами.