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Словосочетания со словом self

make oneself at home
To feel comfortable; act as if you were in your own home.
If you get to my house before I do, help yourself to a drink and make yourself at home.
John was an outdoor man and could make himself at home in the woods at night.
make oneself scarce
To leave quickly; go away.
The boys made themselves scarce when they saw the principal coming to stop their noise.
A wise mouse makes himself scarce when a cat is nearby.
occupy oneself
To make oneself busy with.
Having retired from business, he now occupies himself with his stamp collection.
paint oneself into a corner
To get oneself into a bad situation that is difficult or impossible to get out of.
By promising to both lower taxes and raise the defense budget, the president has painted himself into a corner.
plume oneself
To be proud of yourself; boast.
He plumed himself on having the belle of the ball as his date.
He plumed himself on his successful planning in the election.
She plumed herself on the grace with which she sat on a horse.
pride oneself on
To be proud ot, take satisfaction in; be much pleased by.
She prided herself on her beauty.
He prided himself on his strength and toughness.
pull oneself together
To become calm after being excited or disturbed; recover self-command; control yourself.
It had been a disturbing moment, but he was able to pull himself together.
put oneself in another's place
put oneself in another's shoes
To understand another person's feeling imaginatively; try to know his feelings and reasons with understanding; enter into his trouble.
It seemed like a dreadful thing for Bob to do, but I tried to put myself in his place.
If you will put yourself in the customer's shoes you may realize why the thing isn't selling.