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Словосочетания со словом cut

fish or cut bait
Decide what you want to do and stop wasting time; either act now or give someone else a chance or turn.
Дословно: рыбачить или резать наживку.
Принять то или иное решение, одно из двух. Решить наконец что ты хочешь делать и прекратить тратить время понапрасну; или действуй теперь или дай другим шанс.
Jack couldn't decide whether to go to college or get a job, so his father told him to fish or cut bait.
"Buy the kind of ice cream you want or give someone else in line a chance. Fish or cut bait!"
I see that you are not actually eager to buy the house so you either fish or cut bait.
Я понимаю, что вы не горите желанием купить этот дом, поэтому вы либо соглашаетесь, либо нет.
Either try hard and do your best, or quit.
Frank missed football practice so often that the coach told him to fish or cut bait.
haircut place
Bridge or overpass with tight clearance.
Are we going to make it in that haircut place?
At full speed; with a rush.
As soon as school was out the boys ran lickety-split to the swimming pool.
run around in circles
run around like a chicken with its head cut off
To waste time in repetitious movements; be confused.
There was such a crowd in the lobby that I ran around in circles trying to find my group.
A road shorter than the one that people normally take.
We can save twenty minutes if we take this shortcut over the hill.