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Словосочетания со словом thing

get along with someone
get along with something
get on with someone
get on with something
To associate or work well with; to succeed or manage in doing.
Terry isn't getting along with her new roommate; they argue constantly.
How are you getting on with your studies?
get it into one's head
something in one's head
To become possessed of an idea; develop a fixed idea.
Быть одержимым какой-либо идеей.
Jack got it into his head to become a marine and nothing we could say would make him change his mind.
get something out of one's system
To eliminate some food item or drug from one's body.
John will feel much better once he gets the addictive sleeping pills out of his system.
To free oneself of yearning for something in order to liberate oneself from an unwanted preoccupation.
Ted bought a new cabin cruiser that he'd been wanting for a long time, and he says he is glad that he's finally got it out of his system.
get through
to get through doing something
to get through with something
To finish; to complete.
Barry got through his homework by late evening.
I didn't get through studying last night until almost eleven o'clock.
At what time does your wife get through with work every day?
To pass a course or an examination.
I got through every one of my courses except mathematics.
go easy
take things easy
To go or act slowly, carefully, and gently. Often used with on.
"Go easy," said Billy to the other boys carrying the table down the stairs.
Go easy on the cake. There isn't much left.
To avoid hard work or worry; have an easy time; live in comfort.
The doctor said that Bob would have to take things easy for awhile after he had his tonsils out.
Grandfather will retire from his job next year and take things easy.
Mr. Wilson has just made a lot of money and can take things easy now.
Synonym:take it easy
go for naught
go for nothing
To count for nothing; be useless; be wasted.
I hope that all your good work doesn't go for naught.
What the teacher said went for nothing because the pupils did not pay attention.
Compare:in vain
While Janice works hard each day, her good-for-nothing husband hangs around in the bars.
got a thing going
To be engaged in a pleasurable or profitable activity with someone else as a partner either in romance or in mutually profitable business.
"You two seem to have got a thing going, haven't you?"
"You've got a good thing going with your travel bureau, why quit now?"