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Фразеологизмы со словом fall

fall to
To begin to work.
The boys fell to and quickly cut the grass.
Synonym:turn to
To begin to fight.
They took out their swords and fell to.
To begin to eat.
The hungry boys fell to before everyone sat down.
Begin; start.
The old friends met and fell to talking about their school days.
Argument; disagreement; quarrel.
Mary and Jane had a falling-out about who owned the book.
The boys had a falling-out when each said that the other had broken the rules.
A decrease in the quality, degree, or frequency of something is a falloff.
The chairman was asked to explain the falloff in the company's sales.
Egypt experienced a big falloff in tourism after several terrorist incidents.
Result of nuclear explosion; harmful radioactive particles.
Some experts consider fallout as dangerous as the bomb itself.
Undesirable aftereffects in general.
As a fallout of Watergate, many people lost their faith in the government.
heading for a fall
riding for a fall
Behaving in an overconfident way that is likely to lead to trouble; being too sure of yourself; doing something dangerous.
Рубить сук на котором сидишь; вести себя таким образом, который определенно вызовет непреятности.
The student who does not study for exams is riding for a fall.
Mr. Smith has borrowed too much money on his home. He is riding for a fall.
Greg's riding for a fall - he gets to work late and spends hours talking to his friends on the phone.
Грэг роет самому себе яму – опаздывает на работу и часами висит на телефоне с друзьями.
let drop
let fall
To cease to talk about; set aside; forget.
This is such an unpleasant subject that I suggest we let it drop for a few days.
To disclose; hint.
He unexpectedly let drop that he was resigning and joining another firm.
let the chips fall where they may
To pay no attention to the displeasure caused others by your actions.
Пусть фишки падают, как хотят - позволить событиям развиваться по воле судьбы.
The senator decided to vote against the bill and let the chips fall where they may.
The police chief told his men to give tickets to all speeders and let the chips fall where they may.
I'm going to tell Ellen the truth about her husband, let the chips fall where they may.
Я собираюсь рассказать Эллен правду про ее мужа, пусть всё будет, как будет.
the curtain falls
Занавес; завершение чего-либо, как правило, работы или другой деятельности.
Brown managed to get a lot done before the curtain fell on his political career.
Брауну удалось сделать очень много, прежде чем закончилась его карьера политика.