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Словосочетания со словом cut

cut to the bone
To make (something) the least or smallest possible amount; reduce severely; leave out everything extra or unnecessary from.
Father cut Jane's allowance to the bone for disobeying him.
When father lost his job, our living expenses had to be cut to the bone.
cut to the chase
Перейти к делу
Let’s stop all this chatter and cut to the chase.
Давайте перестанем болтать и перейдем к делу.
cut to the quick
To hurt someone's feelings deeply.
The children 's teasing cut Mary to the quick.
cut up
To hurt the feelings of; wound. Usually used in the passive.
John was badly cut up when Susie gave him back his ring.
To act funny or rough; clown.
Joe would always cut up if there were any girls watching.
At the party Jim and Ron were cutting up and broke a chair.
Compare:fool around
cut and dried
open and shut
Decided or expected beforehand; following the same old line; doing the usual thing; boring.
The decision of the judge was cut-and-dried.
The ways of the king's court were cut-and-dried.
People at the convention heard many cut-and-dried speeches.
The results of the national election were rather cut and dried; the Republicans won easily.
A job on a factory assembly line is certainly cut and dried.
Sold for a price lower than usual; selling cheap things.
If you buy cut-rate things, be sure they are good quality first.
John's brother bought a cut-rate bicycle at the second-hand store.
There is a cut-rate drug-store on the corner.
Severe; intense; unrelenting.
There is cut-throat competition among the various software companies today.
An act of decreasing monetary sources.
The cutback in military spending has caused many bases to be closed.