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Фразеологизмы со словом ace

feel out of place
To experience the sensation of not belonging in a certain place or company.
Dave felt out of place among all those chess players as he knows nothing about chess.
Joan was the only girl who wore a formal at the party, and she felt out of place.
fly in the face of
fly in the teeth of
To ignore; go against; show disrespect or disregard for.
You can't fly in the face of good business rules and expect to he successful.
Floyd's friends tried to help him, but he flew in the teeth of their advice and soon became a drunkard.
give place to
To be replaced by.
He asked the political and religious parties not to give place to criminals or terrorists in their ranks.
Synonym:give way to
give rise to
give place to
To be the reason for; cause.
A branch floating in the water gave rise to Columbus' hopes that land was near.
John's black eye gave rise to rumors that he had been in a fight.
go places
To do a good job; succeed.
Dan was a good student and a good athlete; we expect him to go places in business.
Synonym:go to town
grace period
period of grace
The time or extra time allowed in which to do something.
Most insurance companies have a grace period of one month for payments.
The teacher gave the class a week's period of grace to finish workbooks.
haircut place
Bridge or overpass with tight clearance.
Are we going to make it in that haircut place?
hatchet face
A long narrow face with sharp parts; also, a person with such a face.
Johnny was sent to the principal's office because he called his teacher old hatchet face.
He was hatchet-faced and not at all handsome.