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Словосочетания со словом thing

eat, sleep and breathe something
Быть чем-то увлеченным.
He's an enthusiastic golfer; he eats, sleeps and breathes it!
Он большой любитель гольфа, он для него – все!
fancy doing something
An expression of surprise.
Fancy meeting you here in such an unexpected place!
feel up to something
To feel adequately knowledgeable, strong, or equipped to handle a given task.
Чувствовать предрасположенность к какому-либо делу, занятию.
Do you feel up to jogging a mile a day with me?
Do you feel up to a short walk?
Не хочешь немного прогуляться?
first thing off the bat
Immediately; at once.
He called home from Paris first thing off the bat as he stepped off the plane.
first things first
Other things must wait until the most important and necessary things are done.
Study your lessons before you go out to play. First things first.
fling yourself into something
Тратить все свое время и энергия на что-то.
Ever since she flung herself into the anti-pollution campaign, she rarely has a free moment!
С тех пор как она со рвением принялась за кампанию по защите окружающей среды, у нее нет свободной минуты.
for one thing
As one thing of several; as one in a list of things.
The teacher said, "You get a low mark, for one thing, because you did not do your homework."
The house was poorly built; for one thing, the roof leaked.
get a handle on something
Иметь четкое представление, понимание чего-либо.
You don’t seem to get a handle on what I’m saying.
Ты, кажется, не совсем понимаешь, о чем я тебе говорю.