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Словосочетания со словом cut

cut out
have one's work cut out
To stop; quit.
All right, now - let's cut out the talking.
He was teasing the dog and Joe told him to cut it out.
He kept bothering her, so finally she told him to cut it out. However, he wouldn’t knock it off until her larger brother appeared.
Synonym:knock it off
Compare:break up
To displace in favor.
Tony cut Ed out with Mary.
John cut out two or three other men in trying for a better job.
Made ready; given for action; facing. Often used in the phrase "have one's work cut out for one."
Mary agreed to stay with her teacher's children all day; she did not know what was cut out for her.
If Mr. Perkins wants to become a senator, he has his work cut out for him.
Suited to; fitted for.
Warren seemed to be cut out for the law. It was clear very early that Fred was cut out to he a doctor.
To remove by cutting.
The child likes to cut out pictures from the newspaper and to paste them in a notebook.
cut rate
A lower price; a price less than usual.
Toys are on sale at the store for cut rates.
cut short
To stop or interrupt suddenly; end suddenly or too soon.
Rain cut short the ball game.
An auto accident cut short the man's life.
When Dick began to tell about his summer vacation the teacher cut him short, saying "Tell us about that another time."
The moderator asked the speaker to cut short his talk because there wasn’t much time remaining for questions from the audience.
We were very unfortunate when we received bad news from home that forced us to cut our trip short.
cut someone dead
Полностью игнорировать кого-либо.
Joan was just about to speak to James when he cut her dead.
Джоан была готова поговорить с Джеймсом, когда он её проигнорировал.
cut teeth
cut one's eye-teeth on
cut one's eye teeth on
cut eye teeth
To have teeth grow out through the gums.
The baby was cross because he was cutting teeth.
To learn something very early in life; gain experience; start by learning or doing. Used with a possessive, usually used with on.
The professional ball player cut his teeth on a baseball bat in the sandlots.
Mr. Jones's company is building the new Post Office in town but Mr. Jones cut his eye teeth as a carpenter.
cut the ground from under
To make (someone) fail; upset the plans of; spoil the argument for (a person) in advance.
Выбить почву из под ног.
Paul wanted to he captain but we cut the ground from under him by saying that Henry was the best player on the team.
Several workers applied for the retiring foreman's job, but the owner cut the ground from under them by hiring a foreman from another company.
The politician cut the ground out from under his opponent.
Политик выбил почву из под ног своего соперника.
cut the mustard
To do well enough in what needs to be done; to succeed.
His older brothers and sisters helped Max through high school, but he couldn't cut the mustard in college.
cut to pieces
To divide into small parts with something sharp; cut badly or completely.
Baby has cut the newspaper to pieces with scissors.
To destroy or defeat completely.
The soldiers were cut to pieces by the Indians.
When Dick showed his book report to his big sister for correction, she cut it to pieces.