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Словосочетания со словом thing

cut out for something
If you are not cut out for something, you are not the sort of person to succeed or be happy in a particular activity. This idiom is most often used in the negative or in questions.
Если кто-либо #*#не вырезан для чего-либо#*#, то он не сможет преуспеть или быть счастливым в этой области деятельности.
I started studying medicine but I quickly realized I wasn't cut out for it.
Я начал изучать медицину, но скоро понял что я не предназначен для этого.
John is certainly not cut out for the work of a trial lawyer.
Are you certain that you are cut out for that kind of job?
dare one to do something
To challenge someone to do something.
"I dare you to jump off that rock into the sea," Fred said to Jack.
dive right into something
Погрузиться во что-то с головой.
When university started some of the students decided to dive right into their studies.
Когда начался учебный год, некоторые студенты сразу же ушли в учёбу с головой.
do by someone or something
To deal with; treat. Used with a qualifying adverb between do and by.
Andy's employer always does very well by him.
do one's thing
do one's own thing
To do what one does well and actually enjoys doing.
Two thousand fans paid $15 each to hear the rock group do their thing.
To follow one's bent; for example, to be engaged in left-wing politics, some sort of meditation, or use of drugs (particularly in the sixties).
The hippies were doing their own thing when the cops came and busted them.
To be engaged in an unusual activity that strikes others as odd.
Leave Jim alone, he's just doing his own thing when he's standing on his head.
do someone out of something
To cause to lose by trickery or cheating.
The clerk in the store did me out of $2.00 by overcharging me.
do things by halves
To do things in a careless and incomplete way.
When he reads a book he always does it by halves; he seldom finishes it.
eat up
eat something up
To eat all of.
After hiking all afternoon, they quickly ate up all of the dinner.
To use all of.
Idle talk had eaten up the hour before they knew it.
To accept eagerly; welcome.
Принимать с готовностью, приветствовать.
The girls told John he was a hero because he made the winning touchdown, and he ate up their praise.
Jim told Martha that she was as smart as she was beautiful and Martha ate it up.
The children ate up Grandfather’s stories. They listened to him for hours.
Детям так нравились дедушкины истории. Они слушали их часами.