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Фразеологизмы со словом pull

pull out all the stops
Сделать все возможное, чтобы достичь цели.
The organizers pulled out all the stops for the centennial meeting.
Организатор потянул за все нити, чтобы организовать столетний юбилей.
pull out of a hat
To get as if by magic; invent; imagine.
When the introduction to a dictionary tells you how many hours went into its making, these figures were not pulled out of a hat.
Let's see you pull an excuse out of your hat.
pull out
To withdraw; leave unceremoniously.
The defeated army hastily pulled out of the occupied territories.
To leave (said about trains).
The train pulled out of Grand Central Station just as the foreign students got there.
To remove by order; evacuate.
Napoleon pulled his beaten troops out of Russia.
pull over
To drive to the side of the road and stop.
The policeman told the speeder to pull over.
Everyone pulled over to let the ambulance pass.
pull rank
To assert one's superior position or authority on a person of lower rank as in exacting a privilege or a favor.
How come you always get the night duty? - Phineas Leman pulled rank on me.
pull something on one
To perpetrate something prejudicial; deceive.
Larry pulled a very dirty trick on Ann when, after going with her for three years, he suddenly married another girl.
pull strings
pull wires
To secretly use influence and power, especially with people in charge or in important jobs to do or get something; make use of friends to gain your wishes.
If you want to see the governor, Mr. Root can pull strings for you.
Jack pulled wires and got us a room at the crowded hotel.
Bill got a ticket for speeding, but his father is a wire-puller and got it fixed.
It took some wire-pulling to get the mayor to come to the party.
pull the plug on
To expose (someone's) activities.
Ставить под удар чью-либо деятельность, активность.
The citizens' committee pulled the plug on the mayor, and he lost his election.
There were so few enrolments that the school decided to pull the plug on the yoga class.
Было так мало заявок, что школа решила прекратить финансирование класса йоги.
The mayor was doing a fine job until the treasurer pulled the plug on him.
Мэр прекрасно работал на своем посту, пока казначей не прекратил поддержку.