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Словосочетания со словом leg

pull one's leg
To get someone to accept a ridiculous story as true; fool someone with a humorous account of something; trick.
Подшутить над кем-либо; разыграть; одурачить.
For a moment, I actually believed that his wife had royal blood. Then I realized he was pulling my leg.
Western cowboys loved to pull a stranger's leg.
Strangers were often fooled by the cowboys' leg-pulling.
My grandfather is always pulling my leg when he comes to visit us.
Мой дедушка всегда надо мной подшучивает, когда он приходит к нам в гости.
Compare:string along
sea legs
Adjustment to being in a boat that is rocking on the sea.
This is my first transatlantic trip so give me a day to get my sea legs before you make me dance.
Adjustment to a new job or situation.
Приспособленность к новой ситуации или работе.
"I have just been transferred here and I haven't found my sea legs yet," the new colleague joked.
It takes a while in a new job to find your sea legs.
Чтобы освоиться на новом рабочем месте нужно время.
shake a leg
To go fast; hurry.
Shake a leg! The bus won't wait.
Compare:step on it
tail between one's legs
State of feeling beaten, ashamed, or very obedient, as after a scolding or a whipping. (So called because a beaten dog usually puts his tail down between his legs and slinks away.)
The army sent the enemy home with their tails between their legs.
The boys on the team had boasted they would win the tournament, but they went home with their tails between their legs.