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Словосочетания со словом cut

cut loose
To free from ties or connections, cut the fastenings of.
The thief hastily cut the boat loose from its anchor.
Compare:let loose
To break away from control; get away and be free.
The boy left home and cut loose from his parents' control.
To behave freely or wildly.
The men had come to the convention to have a good time, and they really cut loose.
When he got the news of his job promotion, Jack cut loose with a loud "Yippee!"
Compare:let go
cut no ice
To have no effect; achieve no result; be insignificant.
The fact that the accused is a millionaire will cut no ice with this particular judge.
cut off one's nose to spite one's face
To suffer from an action intended originally to harm another person.
In walking out and leaving his employer in the lurch, John really cut off his nose to spite his face, since no business wanted to hire him afterwards.
cut off
To separate or block.
The flood cut the townspeople off from the rest of the world.
The woods cut off the view.
His rudeness cuts him off from friends he might have.
To interrupt or stop.
The television show was cut off by a special news report.
We were told to pay the bill or the water would be cut off.
The operator cut our long-distance phone conversation off after two minutes.
To shorten by cutting the ends.
The rope was two feet longer than we needed, so we cut off the extra length.
To end the life of; cause the death of.
Disease cut Smith off in the best part of life.
To give nothing to at death; leave out of a will.
Jane married a man her father hated, and her father cut her off.
Frank's uncle cut him off without a penny.
To stop from operating; turn a switch to stop.
The ship cut off its engines as it neared the dock.
cut offs
Pants cut to the length of shorts and usually left unhemmed so as to look old and worn, e.g., considered cool and elegant.
Jack always wears cut-offs during the summer.
cut one's losses
To stop spending time, money, or energy on unprofitable projects and concentrate on what goes well.
"Just cut your losses, Jim," his father suggested, "and get on with the rest of your life."
cut one's throat
To spoil one's chances; ruin a person.
He cut his own throat by his carelessness.
The younger men in the company were cutting each other's throats in their eagerness to win success.
John cut Freddie's throat with Mary by telling her lies.
cut out for something
If you are not cut out for something, you are not the sort of person to succeed or be happy in a particular activity. This idiom is most often used in the negative or in questions.
Если кто-либо #*#не вырезан для чего-либо#*#, то он не сможет преуспеть или быть счастливым в этой области деятельности.
I started studying medicine but I quickly realized I wasn't cut out for it.
Я начал изучать медицину, но скоро понял что я не предназначен для этого.
John is certainly not cut out for the work of a trial lawyer.
Are you certain that you are cut out for that kind of job?