English Puzzle
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Фразеологизмы со словом count

on account
As part payment of a debt; to lessen the amount owed.
John paid $10 down and $5 on account each month for his bicycle.
on one's account
For your good; because you want to help or please someone.
Barry studied hard on his mother's account.
I hope you didn't bring tea to the picnic just on my account.
The teacher stayed in school a little late on Tom's account.
of one#*#s own accordon account of
on one's own account
on one's own hook
For yourself; as a free agent; independently.
After they had picked out the class gift, members of the committee did some shopping on their own account.
Without suggestion or help from anyone else; without being told; voluntarily.
of one#*#s own accord
savings account
An account in a bank, where people put money to save it, and the bank uses the money and pays interest every year.
If you leave your money in your savings account for six months or a year, the bank will pay interest on it.
checking account
stand up and be counted
To be willing to say what you think in public; let people know that you are for or against something.
The equal rights movement needs people who are willing to stand up and be counted.
If you disagree with the group, you should be ready to stand up and be counted.
sweep the city
sweep the country
sweep the nation
sweep the world
To gain great attention or popularity throughout the city, country, etc.
Pavarotti's unmatched tenor voice swept the world in an unprecedented manner.
take into account
To remember and understand while judging someone or something; consider.
How much time will we need to get to the lake? You have to take the bad road into account.
His acting in the play was remarkable, taking into account his youth and inexperience.
The judge took the prisoner's young age into account before sentencing him to three months in jail.
Educators should take into account the cultural backgrounds of students when planning a school curriculum.
reckon with
leave out of account
under the counter
under the table
Secretly (bought or sold). Also used like an adjective, with hyphens.
That book has been banned, but there is one place you can get it under the counter.
The liquor dealer was arrested for selling beer under the counter to teenagers.
During World War II, some stores kept scarce things hidden for under-the-counter-sales to good customers.