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Словосочетания со словом thing

think nothing of
To think or consider easy, simple, or usual.
Jim thinks nothing of hiking ten miles in one day.
throw something in one's face
throw something in one's teeth
To blame a person for (something wrong); not allow someone to forget (a mistake or failure). Often used with back.
Bob came home late for dinner last week, and his mother keeps throwing it back in his face.
I made a mistake in the ball game and the boys keep throwing it back in my teeth.
turn a blind eye
turn a blind eye to something
To pretend not to see; not pay attention.
Намеренно что-то игнорировать, демонстративно не обращать внимания; не замечать кого-либо или что-либо.
The corrupt police chief turned a blind eye to the open gambling in the town.
Bob turned a blind eye to the "No Fishing" sign.
She knows that her husband cheats on her, but prefers to turn a blind eye to it.
Она знает, что муж ей неверен, но предпочитает закрывать на это глаза.
Adam preferred to turn a blind eye to the "No Fishing" sign.
Адам предпочитал не замечать знак "Рыбачить Нельзя".
turn something to one's advantage
Обратить что-либо в свою (или чью-либо еще) пользу; использовать в своих интересах.
Mark turned his influence to his advantage and achieved considerable wealth.
Марк обратил свое влияние в свою пользу и добился существенного богатства.
whitewash something
To explain a major, national scandal in soothing official terms so as to assure the public that things are under control and there is no need to panic.
Many people in the United States believe that President Kennedy's assassination was whitewashed by the Warren Commission.
See also:whitewash
wolf in sheep's clothing
A person who pretends to be good but really is bad. To pretend to be harmless when you are really dangerous.
Прикидываться безобидным, в то время как вы действительно представляете опасность.
Mrs. Martin trusted the lawyer until she realized that he was a wolf in sheep's clothing.
Mr. Black was fooled by the salesman's manners until he showed that he was really a wolf in sheep's clothing by selling Mr. Black a car that was falling apart.
I don't trust him, I think he's a wolf in sheep's clothing.
Я не доверяю ему, я думаю, что он волк в овечьей шкуре.
worse things happen at sea
Что-то что не самое страшное, то что можно исправить.
- I just remembered! My parents are coming round to tea! This place is a mess!
- Don't panic. Don't panic! Worse things happen at sea.
- Я только что вспомнил! Мои родители придут на чай!! А в дома такой бардак!
- Не паникуй! Не паникуй! Это не конец света.