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Фразеологизмы со словом ace

Insincere; disloyal; deceitful.
Don't confide too much in him as he has the reputation of being two-faced.
watering hole
watering place
A bar, pub, or nightclub where people gather to drink and socialize.
I like "The Silver Dollar" - it is my favorite watering hole in all of Sidney, Nebraska.
with bad grace
with a bad grace
In an unpleasant or discourteous way; unwillingly.
Fred takes defeat with bad grace.
Tom shouted "Hello" to Bill. Bill was in a sour mood and replied with a bad grace.
with good grace
With pleasant and courteous behavior; politely; willingly; without complaining.
The boys had been well-coached; they took the loss of the game with good grace.
The principal scolded Nora, who accepted his criticism with good grace.
within an ace of
Almost but not quite; very close to; nearly.
Tim came within an ace of losing the election.