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Словосочетания со словом thing

splash out on something
splurge on something
Потратить большую сумму денег на покупку чего-либо, раскошелиться.
We had to splash out on our boss’ birthday present.
Нам пришлось раскошелиться на подарок начальнику на день рождения.
He decided to give his family a present and splurged on a vacation by the ocean.
Он решил сделать семье подарок и разорился на отпуск у океана.
start something
To make trouble; cause a quarrel or fight.
John is always starting something.
Jack likes to play tricks on the other boys to start something.
stop at nothing
To be unscrupulous.
Al will stop at nothing to get Nancy to go out with him.
sure thing
Something sure to happen; something about which there is no doubt.
It's no fun betting on a sure thing.
Of course; certainly.
Sure thing, I'll be glad to do it for you.
tell a thing or two
To tell in plain or angry words; scold.
When John complained about the hard work, his father told him a thing or two.
If Bert thinks he would like to join the army, I'll tell him a thing or two that will make him change his mind.
there is nothing to it
Informal way to say, "It is easy."
Cooking stir-fried Chinese food is really not difficult at all; in fact, there's nothing to it.
thing or two
Facts not generally known, or not known to the hearer or reader; unusual or important information.
Mary told Joan a thing or two about Betty's real feelings.
A lot; much.
Bob knows a thing or two about sailing.
think nothing of it
Used as a courteous phrase in replying to thanks.
"Thank you very much for your help." "Think nothing of it."