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Фразеологизмы со словом ace

spaced out
Having gaps in one's train of thought, confused, incoherent; resembling the behavior of someone who is under the influence of drugs.
Joe's been acting funny lately - spaced out, you might say.
stare in the face
To be about to meet or to happen to (you.)
Grandmother became very sick and death was staring her in the face.
Defeat stared them in the face, but the soldiers fought on bravely.
To be easy to see; be plain.
Are you looking for your pencil? It's on your desk, staring you in the face.
Their friends all knew that Mary loved John, but John did not see it even though it was staring him in the face.
step off
pace off
To walk or march quickly.
The drum major lowered his baton and the band stepped off.
To measure by taking a series of steps in a line.
The farmer stepped off the edge of the field to see how much fencing he would need.
The referee stepped off a five-yard penalty against our team.
straight face
A face that is not laughing or smiling.
Mary told all the funny stories she knew to try to make Joan laugh, but Joan kept a straight face.
It is hard to tell when Jim is teasing you. He can tell a fib with a straight face.
When Bob fell into the water, he looked funny and I could hardly keep a straight face.
Of very strict morals and manners.
She is so straightlaced that she won't even go out with a man unless she senses that he is serious about her.
take place
To occur, to happen according to plan.
The accident took place only a block from his home.
The action of the play takes place in ancient Rome.
The dance will take place after the graduation exercises.
The regular meetings of the committee take place in Constitution Hall.
I thought that the celebration was taking place at John's house.
Compare:go on
throw something in one's face
throw something in one's teeth
To blame a person for (something wrong); not allow someone to forget (a mistake or failure). Often used with back.
Bob came home late for dinner last week, and his mother keeps throwing it back in his face.
I made a mistake in the ball game and the boys keep throwing it back in my teeth.
to one's face
Directly to you; in your presence.
I told him to his face that I didn't like the idea.
I called him a coward to his face.