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Словосочетания со словом thing

pull something on one
To perpetrate something prejudicial; deceive.
Larry pulled a very dirty trick on Ann when, after going with her for three years, he suddenly married another girl.
quite the thing
The socially proper thing to do.
In polite society it is quite the thing to send a written thank you note to one's host or hostess after a dinner party.
sail through something
If you sail through something, for example a test or an exam, you succeed in doing it without difficulty.
Если Вы плывете через что-либо, экзамен или тест, например, то Вы преуспеваете в этом без труда.
The English test was no problem for Tom. He sailed through it!
У Тома не было никаких проблем с тестом по английскому. Он сдал его без труда!
see things
To imagine sights which are not real; think you see what is not there.
I had not seen him for twenty years and when we met on the street I thought I was seeing things.
She woke her husband to tell him she had seen a face at the window, but he told her she was seeing things.
sell short
sell somebody short
sell something short
To think (a person or thing) less good or valuable than is true; underestimate.
Думать о ком-либо или о чем-либо хуже чем оно есть на самом деле; недооценивать.
Don't sell the team short; the players are better than you think.
Some teachers sold John short.
Take care that you don’t sell his suggestion short, it could save the firm a lot of money.
Позаботься о том, чтобы его предложение было оценено по достоинству. Оно могло бы сэкономить фирме немало денег.
Just because he doesn’t have much money is no reason to sell him short.
Если он не очень богат, то это еще не причина его недооценивать.
sneeze at
nothing to sneeze at
To think of as not important; not take seriously. Used with negative or limiting words and in questions.
Mr. Jones was chosen by his party to run for President. He was not elected, but to be chosen to run is not to be sneezed at.
If you think Mrs. Green's tests are things to be sneezed at, you have a surprise coming.
Is a thousand dollars anything to sneeze at?
John finished third in a race with twenty other runners. That is nothing to sneeze at.
something else again
A different kind of thing; something different.
I don't care if you borrow my dictionary sometimes, but taking it without asking and keeping it is something else again.
"But I don't want a new car," Charles said to the car dealer, "I want a used car." "Oh," said the car dealer, "that's something else again."
something else
So good as to be beyond description; the ultimate; stupendous.
Janet Hopper is really something else.