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Фразеологизмы со словом back

stab in the back
An act or a lie that hurts a friend or trusting person; a promise not kept, especially to a friend.
John stabbed his own friend in the back by stealing from his store.
My friend stabbed me in the back by telling the teacher I was playing hooky when I was home sick.
To say or do something unfair that harms (a friend or someone who trusts you).
Owen stabbed his friend Max in the back by telling lies about him.
take a back seat
To accept a poorer or lower position; be second to something or someone else.
Занимать более слабую позицию; быть вторым.
During the war all manufacturing had to take a back seat to military needs.
She does not have to take a back seat to any singer alive.
He decided it was time to take a back seat and let someone younger run the club.
Он решил, что пришло время отойти от дел и позволить кому-то помоложе руководить клубом.
take back
bring back
To change or deny something offered, promised, or stated; admit to making a wrong statement.
To bring back is used when you are speaking at the place that an item is bought or borrowed; to take back is used when speaking at another place.
I take back my offer to buy the house now that I've had a good look at it.
I want you to take back the unkind things you said about Kenneth.
Ma’am, our store policy is that you can bring back the dress as long as you have your sales receipt.
You can borrow my car if you promise to bring it back by six o’clock.
I have to take this book back to the library today.
taken aback
taken back
take aback
Unpleasantly surprised; suddenly puzzled or shocked.
When he came to pay for his dinner he was taken aback to find that he had left his wallet at home.
talk back
answer back
To answer rudely; reply in a disrespectful way; be fresh.
When the teacher told the boy to sit down, he talked back to her and said she couldn't make him.
Mary talked back when her mother told her to stop watching television; she said, "I don't have to if I don't want to."
Russell was going somewhere with some bad boys, when his father told him it was wrong, Russell answered him back, "Mind your own business."
Billy, if you talk back to me like that once more, you’re going to spend the rest of the day in your room.
The school principal had to reprimand the child for talking back to her teacher.
turn one's back on
turn your back on
To refuse to help (someone in trouble or need.)
Отказать кому-либо в помощи, когда этот человек в нужде или трудной ситуации.
He turned his back on his own family when they needed help.
The poorer nations are often not grateful for our help, but still we can not turn our back on them.
She turned her back on Hollywood and went to live in Florida.
Она отказалась от Голливуда и отправилась жить во Флориду.
Compare:go back on
turn the clock back
put back the clock
turn back the clock
To return to an earlier period. To go back in time; relive the past.
Вернуть прошедшие времена; повернуть время вспять.
Mother wished she could turn the clock back to the days before the children grew up and left home.
Will repealing the minimum wage for workers under age eighteen turn the clock back to the abuses of the last century?
Mrs. Brown wishes she could turn the clock back to the days before the children grew up and left home.
Миссис Браун желала повернуть время назад до того момента, как её дети выросли и покинули дом.
If I could put back the clock I'd give more thought to preparing for a career.
Richard wishes that he had lived in frontier days, but he can't turn back the clock.
weight of the world on one's shoulders
world on one's shoulders
world on one's back
A very heavy load of worry or responsibility; very tired or worried behavior, as if carrying the world; behavior as if you are very important.
Don't look as if you had the weight of the world on your shoulders, Henry, just because you have to mow the lawn.
John acts as if he were carrying the world on his back because he has a paper route.